What Yoga is - and what it isn't!

     Yoga is not simply an exercise, strength-training, or stretching class, nor is it just a way to relax. It is true that consistent yoga practice provides many physical and mental benefits, including improved cardiovascular function and lung capacity, more strength and balance, greater flexibility, and less tension in body and mind. However, the goal of Yoga is not to simply “work out.”  True Yoga is a “work in” -  you breathe consciously to ground yourself in the present moment, connect breath with intentional movement to reconnect with your center, and hold physical postures to align your body and mind with your most authentic self.  As you practice, your body changes, your mind clears, you learn to let go of things that no longer serve you, and you start to strip away all the layers of who you are not to discover who you really are. As Shri. K. Pattabhi Jois was fond of saying, “Practice and all is coming.”  All is coming.


Yoga is For Every Body!


          According to Yoga pioneer T.K.V. Desikachar, “Anybody can breathe. Therefore, anybody can practice Yoga.” By working with a registered yoga teacher privately or in group classes, you will learn how to cultivate specific breathing techniques that can be used any place and at any time.  You will further learn how to move your body into its proper alignment - because every body is different, you will focus on working with your natural body instead of trying to control it with a one-size(or shape)-fits-all mentality. Every body can do Yoga, including yours, and with the right teacher, you can experience the benefits of Yoga regardless of your fitness level, age, abilities, or pre-existing conditions.   

"Every journey begins with a single step."

Imagine living your life fully...  Would you have more acceptance of yourself or others? Approach more things with a spark of creativity? See each of your commitments through? Open yourself up to new experiences, to love? Would you finally let go of old pains (or the fear of future ones)? Speak your truth unfailingly and follow your inner wisdom unerringly? Would you feel more connected with your true self?

If you answered yes any of the questions above, you just took the first step on your journey to your fullest life imaginable! Your next step is to establish a yoga practice that will carry you on your way.​

Book a private session with me in order to prioritize your goals, pinpoint your stumbling blocks, and develop a personalized yoga plan that will help you step confidently toward success.  You'll learn about yoga (and yourself) without the temptation to compare yourself with others.

If you feel ready, you can practice in small / large group settings while still maintaining your own path.  Get a small (or large!) group of friends together at your location and book a group session, or join me at one of this month's upcoming events and classes.​


Whichever way you go, I look forward to walking with you on your journey. Let’s get started today!