Private Individual Sessions

Private sessions are ideal if you are a true beginner, have specific needs due to an injury or illness (with clearance from your doctor), or simply want to deepen your practice with more attention and feedback than a group setting allows.

In a private setting, I can guide you through breath-techniques and postures with immediate feedback, provide modifications to suit the needs of your body, gauge when you should go deeper into poses or back out of them, help you relax deeply, and overall enhance your practice through a personalized approach.   Additionally, working together in this setting will allow us to discuss lifestyle choices and habit evolution as you continue to walk the yogic path. 

At each private session, we will work together to prioritize and monitor your  goals, pinpoint and navigate around stumbling blocks, and develop a personalized yoga plan based on your unique needs.  Depending on your goals, you will also receive an email of yoga techniques and habits to practice at home between sessions.


60 minute session = $50

90 minute session = $75

Private Group Sessions

Get your group together at the location of your choice and I'll do the rest! If there is a certain theme you want to focus on, let me know in advance.

60 minute session = $10 per person (or a minimum of $50)