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Perfectly Imperfect: March Updates and Inspiration

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Confession time! I'm not a perfect yogi. I drink a lot of coffee, I stay up too late watching Netflix, I sometimes use profanity (I sometimes lie about how often I use profanity), and sitting in "easy pose" is incredibly difficult for me! In fact, I often want to cry in frustration and embarrassment when a yoga teacher cues hip-openers that my tight hips can’t open into (yet).

I'm not a perfect yogi, and I don't expect you to be either. But the thing that we have going for us, the thing that puts us firmly on this path and allows us to call ourselves yogis whether we started a few weeks ago or have been doing this crazy-fun thing for years, is that we keep showing up. ​​We come to practice, we invite our friends, and we take what we learn there off the mat and into our daily lives. That's pretty darn special, folks. And we’re pretty darn amazing, even if we’re not perfect.

So, how will you continue to show up for yourself in the month of March? Keep coming to class. Keep inviting your friends so this special thing we’re building continues to grow. And if you don’t have one already, start a daily practice. Nothing fancy- just a quick routine that you can knock out first thing in the morning, regardless of whether you're coming to class later.

I mean an underwhelmingly quick-n-easy routine that kick-starts your day, lengthens your spine, activates your core, and gets you connected to that sweet breath! My quick-n-easy practice for the month of March: cats/cows with the breath for 3-5 minutes every damn day when I first get out of bed. I invite you to join me in this daily practice and let me know about all of the great benefits you’re experiencing as the month goes on! That way I'll know that I'm not alone in this journey toward a better, more intentional life. We don't have to do this stuff perfectly, but let's keep showing up for ourselves. We got this!

If you'd like to show up in class this month, I have a couple of quick announcements: Monday night classes have been temporarily cancelled due to lack of consistent participation. I'll be dreaming and scheming throughout the month to see if there is a better option for an evening class in April, so feel free to email me any suggestions you have. In the meantime, I'll see you most Thursdays this month at 10 AM for our regular (60 minute) Hatha practice and 11:30 AM for our Gentle Chair class. There will be no classes Thursday, March 28, because I’ll be in Miami (say what?), but I will hold make-up classes on Friday the 29th at the same times.

As always, I'm also available for private appointments at my office. AND… I'm still finishing the requirements for my Reiki certification, so reach out if you'd like a free session to help me complete my training hours. Reiki is simply magical and I’m so excited to become a practitioner!

Until I see you in person, I am sending you LOVE & LIGHT, sweet yogis!



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